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Melikzade Inc. strives to do its best in the sectors in which it is active and in which it operates, by staying true to its values.

Natural Agriculture Food Natural Agriculture Food

Natural Agriculture Food

Artificial fertilizer, agricultural fighting medicines, hormones etc. without disturbing the natural structure of the product. chemical fertilizer and additives without the use of agriculture. The goal of natural agriculture is to obtain products that do not harm human health and the environment. Natural products can be defined as products that are obtained by natural means, without artificial sweeteners, colorants and synthetic additives.

Animal Farming Animal Farming

Animal Farming

The agriculture line which includes breeding, nourishment and care for the production of animal foods and products is generally called livestock. Animal husbandry is not only an agriculture of animal breeding, rehabilitation, care and nourishment but also a wide range of scientific items, including economics, business technology and marketing.

Construction Construction


Construction is a building process suitable for all types of production based on human needs, such as building, infrastructure, industrial industrial structures. As construction takes place in place for a typically known client, unlike manufacturing, serial production of similar products is required without a designated buyer.

Consultancy Consultancy


It is the job of giving information about an institution or person's specialty. At the same time, counseling is about teaching your institution or person that they do not know what they know. At the same time, counseling is about having an interest in education. It is necessary to have the necessary infrastructure and knowledge to be a consultant.

Import Import


Import or export is the purchase of goods produced abroad by buyers in the country. It is the opposite of exports and together with it constitutes the foreign trade balance of an country. Imports can be done directly by private or legal entities, by state economic enterprises or by the state.

Export Export


It is the sale of goods and services that are in free circulation within the borders of one country to other countries. In short, it means export.